Lincoln council tries to solve disputes over annexed land in unincorporated Talladega County

Lincoln council tries to solve disputes over annexed land in unincorporated Talladega County

LINCOLN, AL (WBRC) - Upset residents in Talladega County are still flooding the Lincoln City Council chambers with signs and unhappiness, all saying, "Lincoln Go Home."

This us after the council's decision months ago to enforce a police jurisdiction around some annexed land, with many residents caught off guard.

"What y'all have done is created an angry mob of people. All you've got to do is go back to where you came from, and leave us alone. We'll be perfectly happy," said Alita Chappell.

At Tuesday night's meeting the city actually took care of two of the group's complaints. The council tried to find a happy medium and voted unanimously not to enforce the city's residential and farm permits and permit fees for areas covered in the expanded police jurisdiction.

But it still wasn't enough for residents who want the council to rescind its original decision altogether.

"When you go to playing with people's lives, people's money, and people's being able to live their lives, there's seriously a problem with that," Edward Taylor said.

"I feel like all of this is something that's happened from a misunderstanding. And we have offered, it's been rejected. Tonight we're offering, I'm not sure it's going to be accepted," Councilor Sadie Burk said.

Also at the meeting, Mayor Bud Kitchin said he's contacted Dollar General and asked them to rescind their request for an alcohol license for their Renfroe Road location. The problem was that store is directly across the street from Hepzibah Baptist Church and near a recovery center. That was never even a possibility before the police jurisdiction was expanded.

Residents are also questioning the city's police and fire departments' ability to cover that part of the county and the taxes they will pay for the services.

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