Find out how much more rain is in the forecast

Find out how much more rain is in the forecast

This morning on Good Day Alabama:

More rain in the forecast this morning. Mickey is back with an update on how much we'll get today and the rest of this week,

A new threat by ISIS against our military and their families. Our veterans and active duty servicemen and women are being advised to not display anything that suggests they've served.

A UAB faculty-senate meeting is scheduled for this morning. We'll have a preview of what to expect,

A follow-up on the murder in Jemison with the suspect now in custody, but in serious condition from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head,

A new lottery bill will be introduced at the State House. One of the sponsors of the bill will join us at 7:10 a.m. to talk about it,

A deputy in Oklahoma is charged with manslaughter after shooting an unarmed suspect,

Spring is here and that means lots of fresh produce! We show you how to refresh your refrigerator to clean out all the old and stock it with what's fresh this season!

Jimmy Rockett joins with advice for your garden!

Are bonds the best investment for you or should you move your money? We explain in Money Tuesday,

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