Some patchy fog, then a pretty spring day

Some patchy fog, then a pretty spring day

This morning on Good Day Alabama:

A police officer is charged with murder after firing several shots into the back of an unarmed man running away from him,

We are following up on another tragic story locally where two teenagers were killed in an auto accident,

Former UAB basketball player, Torrey Ward, has been killed in a plane crash leaving the NCAA Championship game. We'll have reaction,

Alabama's new head basketball coach arrives after a warm reception,

The White House was reportedly cyber-hacked by Russians last year,

A bank robbery in Tarrant,

Mickey tells us how warm and how wet it's about to get,

We are here with you this morning from 4:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. on FOX6!


Mike Dubberly

Co-Host, Good Day Alabama