Jump into the Fun Show!

Jump into the Fun Show!

This morning on Good Day Alabama:

Sadly, a memorial service for an Oak Mountain teenager killed during a family outing at Cheaha State Park,

Duke comes back from 9-points down in the 2nd half to beat Wisconsin for the NCAA Men's Tournament Championship,

The University of Alabama has officially hired Avery Johnson as its new head basketball coach,

Jefferson County is planning to open a satellite office in Hoover,

B.B. King is rushed to a Las Vegas hospital,

A free fitness boot camp available to folks in Tuscaloosa to tell you about,

We explore genetic modification and how it can make your food healthier!

Speaking of growing food.... we check out back to Eden gardening - how it saves you work and money!

Are annuities a good idea? We find out in Money Tuesday!

And a Cajun Cookoff for all of us to enjoy. We find out how you can some get some goodies,

Plus, Mickey is back today with a much warmer forecast,

We hope you get a chance to jump into the Fun Show, Good Day Alabama from 4:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. on FOX6!


Mike Dubberly

Co-Host, Good Day Alabama