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Watching out for severe thunderstorms and concerns about synthetic drug overdoses

Greetings from the desk of Jonathan Hardison! I hope you're having a nice evening and are somewhere safe and dry as the storms roll in.

Storms roll in

I hope you got a chance to get out and enjoy the beautiful Good Friday weather. My wife and I were driving around this morning and through the pollen fog we got a glimpse of what this spring has in store for our area in terms of flowers and foliage. But all of that peacefulness may end tonight with a cold front marching through and bringing with it the possibility of some strong storms. J-P Dice is tracking their movement on, in the WBRC Weather app as well as on air starting on Fox6 News at 9.

Our Megan Hayes is staked out in Hamilton where we expect the first hint of these storms to come through she'll have a live update on conditions coming up tonight.

Concern about 'spice'

And Alabama hospitals are seeing a lot more patients coming in from overdoses of synthetic drugs, especially new and even more dangerous homemade varieties. Josh Gauntt spoke to a couple of local drug enforcement agents about how this stuff is being made and the kind of public health hazard it's becoming and you won't believe what's in some of this synthetic stuff. We look forward to seeing you tonight on FOX6 News starting at 9.

I hope you'll join us for these stories and more starting at 9! We'll be on air, online at or through the WBRC News app.
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