Mike looks into the future!

Mike looks into the future!

Here's what you saw on Good Day Alabama for March 30, 2015:

JEH JEH LIVE - Jeh Jeh worked out on this Exercise Monday! He joins us with Curtis Starks at EVO Be Fit. It is located at 2006 2nd Avenue North. Evo is a Boot camp style workout center with it's own personal training program tailored to your goals while sharing the attention of your trainer with a few other clients. Curtis and his team work closely with each client to create an optimum workout based on your age, ability, physical condition and lifestyle. This morning Curtis explained a number of exercises to help you get beach ready before summer. He showed us how to use dumbbells to do it. You can use dumbbells outside for the spring so that you can sweat a little more and help you achieve your goal much faster. The next exercise he showed us is called Dumbbell Pushup Plank. This is called a Renegade. It is three exercises in one. The renegade starts off with a plank with dumbbells in your hands. Then you do a push up on the bells and when you get back up you alternate each arm by doing a press called a row. The row is when you take the bell of the ground and then you pull the bells to your side near your oblique muscles. Then you go back down and repeat on both sides. For more information, call 205- 583-3000 log on to evobefit.com.

CES NEW ELECTRONICS - Jim Barry - "The Digital Answer Man" - joined us with the latest products revealed by the non-profit Consumer Electronics Association. He showed us some of the coolest trending items from January's huge International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. He also explained how you can sort through the dizzying array of new products and technologies to find what's right for you! He showed us the Samsung Gear VR, diamond Kinetics Swing tracker, Samsung Gear Fit smart watch, LG smart watch, FitBit Surge, Jawbone Up, Sleepace Reston, Fitbark, Kinsa thermometer, and the Nova flash. For more information, visit ce.org.

DR. ASA - Mike talked with Dr. Asa Andrew - known as America's Health Coach, MD®. He is also a national best-selling author, radio and TV host, and founder of Diagnosis HOPE, a non-profit dedicated to health education and supporting the uninsured. He has dedicated his life to helping others thrive in their health. Today he discussed skin care chemicals to avoid.

1. Aluminum - mostly in antiperspirants. Blocks the sweat glands from releasing toxins and can be an irritant.

2. Fragrance - can cause an allergic response in over 20% of population. Use fragrance-free or blends made with essential oils.

3. Metals - many cosmetics contain nickel, aluminum, chromium, and lead. What goes on our skin, goes into our blood stream.

4. Emollients - makes our skin feel good, smooth. Lanolin, isopropyl palmitate. If you have a hard time pronouncing it…..don't use it. Choose coconut oil as a base in organic products.

5. Sulfates - Sodium laurel sulfate are detergents that's cause the foaming properties. Cause rashes, blemishes, and breakouts.

6. Parabens - Are the preservatives in cosmetics and can cause allergic reactions. Look for paraben-free products.

For more information, visit drasa.com.

ASK THE GARDENER - Jimmy Rockett from Bug Juice Gardens joined us to take viewer questions about their gardens. For more information, call 205-981-1151, email jimmyrockett@att.net, or visit jimmyrockett.com.