What's Right With Our Schools: The miracle of Miracle Mullen

What's Right With Our Schools: The miracle of Miracle Mullen

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Students and teachers at William J. Christian School are celebrating the progress of a 6-year-old who doctors doubted would ever function on her own.

Her parents appropriately named her Miracle and her story of triumph also involves her best buddy.

Few things are sweeter in kindergarten than the embrace of a best friend. But the love between Miracle and Sereniti Clark is truly special.

"We've been best friends ever since I met her," Sereniti said.

Sereniti is as much a part of Miracle's development as her teachers are.

"So Sereniti will help [Miracle] with her assignment to actually take part in her assignment because she was kind of resistant to her schoolwork," teacher Cathy Brown said.

Principal Dr. Nichole Williams said Sereniti's influence extends beyond classwork.

"She's [Miracle] grown quite socially at the beginning she was very standoffish. She didn't really want to speak to anyone and she definitely didn't want to know my name, but now when she walks by it's, 'Hi, Dr. Williams,'" Williams said.

Greg and Rosie Mullen said naming their daughter Miracle was the obvious choice. Doctors did not expect her to survive birth and when she did they never thought she would function on her own.

"To see the progress that she has made and the things she is doing that doctors say she would not do....It's just total excitement," Greg Mullen said.

"When Miracle was 4 weeks old the whole household changed. Every breath started being important, every step was important. We started looking at life totally different when Miracle came," Rosie Mullen said.

Other classmates talked about the things Miracle has taught them.

"I think she has taught me that everyone doesn't have to be the same. That they can be different but they can still be fun to be around," student Love Jones said.

Here at school Miracle is celebrated with friendship. Her parents also created the Miracle Mullen Foundation to educate and help others understand Down Syndrome.

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