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'Kill yourself or we kill your family': West Ala. mom wants more done to stop bullying

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Bullying is never an easy issue to tackle. One west Alabama mother says she's alerted authorities about her daughter's situation, but she's still concerned for her daughter's safety.

"To kill yourself or we will kill your family." That is just one of the hundreds of messages the parent is worried about. 

She doesn't want us to show her face or name, but says since early February at least two alleged high school bullies have been sending harmful social media messages to her 13-year-old daughter who attends Gordo High School. One message even included a picture of a gun.

"Our families were threatened, houses to be blown up. It was just unreal that kids the age that we think is doing it would do something like that,” the mother said.

"Nobody should ever have to go through this…I wouldn't even put it on my worst enemy,” the 13-year-old bullying victim said.

The 13-year-old said the hateful messages have affected her in many ways.

"I used to wake up and be happy about going to school so see my friends. Now I regret even waking up in the morning,” she told us.

The mother has reached out to the school district and Gordo police but said she hasn't gotten anywhere. Pickens County School Superintendent Jamie Chapman tells FOX6 News that the district is taking it very seriously.

"We've been working with the Gordo Police Department and they are investigating it to the fullest. I have full confidence that we're handling it to the best of our ability,” Chapman said.

Despite receiving the messages, the 13-year-old high schooler has a message to other teens who may find themselves in a similar situation.

"People kill themselves because of this. Y'all are worth every second y'all are on this earth. Don't ever think that you're not because God put you on here for a reason,” she added.

Gordo's Police Chief Todd Hall said his office is taking this issue seriously as well. He's brought in a number of outside agencies to assist in this ongoing investigation. Hall said things like that take time and he's hoping for some resolution soon.

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