Evening news headlines

Evening news headlines

Greetings from the desk of Jonathan Hardison. I've got a look at some of the stories we're working on for tonight:

Delivery driver safety

Another pizza delivery driver in our area was assaulted on the job last week. Tonight we're talking to his manager about how pizza stores in our area are trying to protect their drivers while still providing the service we've all come to look forward to.

Traffic changes

If you go through the intersection of Highway 150 and Galleria Boulevard in Hoover, chances are you've been stuck waiting to turn into or out of the Galleria, or Chipotle, or Best Buy, or…well, you get the picture. That major intersection is getting some major changes and reporter John Huddleston has a look at how it's going to affect your drive now, and the vision for how that clogged traffic artery will flow better in the future.

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