Blazers are going dancing!

Blazers are going dancing!

Here's what you saw on Good Day Alabama for March 16, 2015:

UAB BASKETBALL - UAB Head Basketball Coach Jarod Haase joined us on Good Day Alabama to discuss the Blazers bid to the NCAA Tournament. UAB's men's basketball team earned the No. 14 seed in the South Region and will play No. 3 seed Iowa State in the first round of the 2015 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament on Thursday in Louisville, Ky. The winner of Thursday's contest between the Blazers and Cyclones will advance to play the winner of the No. 6 seed SMU vs. No. 11 seed UCLA game. Tickets for the first round matchup go on sale at the UAB Athletics Ticket Office on Monday from 8 a.m.-2 p.m. for Blazer Boosters members and current men's basketball season ticket holders. Ticket requests are limited to two per account, are not guaranteed and will be allocated based on the priority point system. Tickets will go on sale to the general public at 2 p.m. To purchase tickets, visit the UAB Athletics Ticket Office or call 205-975-8221. Sunday's announcement comes on the heels of a magical week in Birmingham, as the Blazers won the program's first Conference USA men's basketball tournament title by downing No. 5 seed WKU, No. 1 seed LouisianaTech and No. 6 seed Middle Tennessee. With the win, UAB earned an automatic berth by the NCAA tournament selection committee.

BLOOD SUGAR SOLUTION - Dr. Mark Hyman shows you how to unjunk your diet and heal yourself with food with his #1 New York Times bestseller "The Blood Sugar Solutions 10-Day Detox Diet Cookbook." It includes more than 150 recipes to help you lose weight and stay healthy for life. Dr. Hyman calls for readers to take back their health by taking back their kitchens. The major culprit of diabetes, obesity and heart disease is insulin imbalance. Following Dr. Hyman's scientifically based program for rebalancing insulin and blood sugar levels, this cookbook presents 175 delectable recipes that are free of allergens and harmful inflammatory ingredients. Responding to the demand for simple but comprehensive and effective advice on how to lose weight and prevent disease, The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet revealed a clinically proven, life-changing program to help readers achieve fast and sustained weight loss while also eliminating chronic health issues. With tasty recipes for every meal—including breakfast smoothies, lunches like Waldorf Salad with Smoked Paprika, and Grass-Fed Beef Bolognese for dinner—readers can achieve fast and sustained weight loss by activating their natural ability to burn fat, reducing insulin levels and inflammation, reprogramming their metabolism, shutting off fat-storing genes, creating effortless appetite control, and soothing stress.

DR. ASA - Mike talked with Dr. Asa Andrew - known as America's Health Coach, MD®. He is also a national best-selling author, radio and TV host, and founder of Diagnosis HOPE, a non-profit dedicated to health education and supporting the uninsured. He has dedicated his life to helping others thrive in their health. Today he discussed what your poop is saying about your health? Our digestion is a great marker for how well we may be doing with our health. Not everyone has the same elimination habits as they can be affected by hydration, genetic factors, diet, medications, and certain health issues.

1. Blood In The Stool - If you see a small amount in the stool, see your doctor. It could be a sign of hemorrhoids, anal fissures, or inflammatory bowel disease, or even cancer.

2. Change in Consistency - Solid to loose could mean an underlying condition known as IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome

3. Color Change - Generally brown due to bile, produced by the liver. Black is internal bleeding, green is typically ok, and slight color changes could be foods.

4. Continual Diarrhea - Infection, food intolerance, or ulcerative colitis

5. Constipation - Lack of hydration, mediation side effects, not enough fiber and whole foods, emotional health.

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GOOD DAY GARDENING - Sandra Reaves joined us to discuss gardening in the spring weather. It includes lots of pictures, tips, how to videos, and info on veggie trials going on in the garden. It's a "real time, real life" look at home gardening and food preservation. You can find her at Sandra recently opened an online heirloom seed store. It has seeds that she produces as well as seeds from the wonderful Baker Creek company. For more information,visit

Tomorrow on Good Day Alabama, we celebrate St. Patrick's Day with some fun music and dancers! In Money Tuesday we tackle the tough topic - money and divorce... from the cost of the divorce to how to split your money and assets! Academy Award winner Mira Sorvino stars in the new film - "Do You Believe." Just in time for Easter, the creator's of "God's Not Dead" bring us the latest religious film. Mira tells us all about it! And we show you new music and movies hit store shelves for you to enjoy at home this week! Join us for this and much more tomorrow on Good Day Alabama!