It's Friday!...the 13th!

It's Friday!...the 13th!

This morning on Good Day Alabama:

We are learning more about a victim who died from the plant explosion in Brent, AL

A bill is approved by the State House that would provide further legal protections to clergymen and others who perform marriages and don't want to conduct gay marriages for religious reasons,

Questions raised about security at the White House again after some barricades are breached,

An update on recovery efforts after a military chopper goes down off the Florida panhandle with eleven service members on board,

Also an update on the condition of the two officers shot in Ferguson, Missouri,

A bizarre story at five on a man attacked by fire ants,

Mike Dubberly has another entertaining version of Dub's Dubs at 6:52-AM,

Jeh Jeh gets us ready for St. Patrick's Day and all the festivities this weekend!

Millions of married Americans are guilty of committing financial infidelity... from secret bank accounts to credit cards their spouses know nothing about… We find out what should you do if you find out your spouse is wrapped up in this and how to avoid it all together!

One more contestant heads home on American Idol this week and we talk with that person about the whole experience live on Good Day!

We bring you the latest entertainment news and business headlines.

And Mickey's friends from the Birmingham Zoo join us in the studio!

Plus, Mickey says you're going to like the weather forecast,

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