Prosecutor speaks out after Ala. fugitive caught in Thailand after years on the run

L-R: Kelly Miller at a Thai police press conference and an undated identification photo. (Source: PD)
L-R: Kelly Miller at a Thai police press conference and an undated identification photo. (Source: PD)

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - We are learning new details about Alabama fugitive Kelly Lynn Miller, who has been captured in Thailand. Miller was wanted for a 2004 deadly DUI crash in Hoover and has been on the run for years.

According to Thai reports, the U.S. embassy in Bangkok told Thailand authorities that Kelly Miller was in their country illegally.

Two weeks later, Thailand authorities had her in custody. U.S. Marshals will be in charge of bring her back to the U.S.

"She didn't do herself a big favor by leaving," said Bill Veitch, Chief Deputy District Attorney for the Bessemer division in Jefferson County.

Veitch prosecuted the case in 2007 in Jefferson County court. He said Donnie Goodwin, a truck driver from Florida, had pulled over in the emergency lane on I-459 in Hoover to check his rig.

"Mrs. Miller is driving under the influence down 459. For whatever reason she runs off the road and just pins this guy up against the rig and drags him down 459 between her car and his," said Veitch. "They give her two field sobriety tests and she fails them both. They're not doubting what happened."

Five hours later, when Miller's blood was tested Veitch said there was no alcohol in her system. The case was set to go to trial.

"Mrs. Miller decides she's going to plead guilty and apply for probation," said Veitch.

But instead of probation, she got five years in prison. The judge allowed her to appeal, and granted Miller a $50,000 bond.

"She's gone, she disappears to parts unknown," said Veitch.

According to a Thai publication,, Miller was picked up along with her 2-month-old child.

"Face your problems and get it over with because now you've got collateral damage in a 2-month-old, now nobody wants that," said Veitch.

Kevin Miller, Kelly Miller's brother, said his sister is being portrayed as someone who wasn't remorseful and he said that's not the case. He said his sister ran because she was scared, and that after she left she realized it was a mistake.

He said his family learned she was pregnant last Thanksgiving. Miller said it was the first time she'd called in years, but said he didn't know where she was calling from. He said his family is shocked with all of the developments.


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