Evening news headlines

Evening news headlines

Happy Almost Friday from the FOX6 Newsroom! This is Jonathan Hardison with a look at some of the stories we're working for you tonight:

Controversial Number 56

What is it about the number 56 in the Alabama State House? A few years ago that was the number assigned to a House bill that made major and controversial changes to the state's immigration laws and policies, including several sections ultimately ruled as unconstitutional by a federal court. This year House Bill 56 is the controversial measure that would allow pastors and judges to decline to perform weddings based on religious reasons. Tonight we're taking a closer look at the bill and why some LGBT rights advocates say the bill could have unintended consequences, while supporters say this is about preserving religious freedom.

New details in fugitive case

And we're learning more information tonight about the fatal crash back in 2004 where Kelly Lynn Miller hit and killed a truck driver on I-459. She's been on the run ever since but was captured in Thailand earlier this week. Tonight we're talking to the prosecutor who worked on her case about when she may be back on U.S. soil.

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