Meet The Birmingham Zoo's 3 red river hogs!

Meet The Birmingham Zoo's 3 red river hogs!

Here's what you saw on Good Day Alabama for March 11, 2015:

JEH JEH LIVE - The Arc of Jefferson County's Junior Board hosts the annual Shamrock Shindig this Saturday at Avondale Brewery. It beiins at 6 pm. The event includes great food provided by Rusty's BBQ, drinks, music by DJ Mark Goldstein, a photo booth and amazing prizes. All of the events' proceeds will benefit The Arc, which serves people of all ages with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Tickets are $30 per person or $50 per couple. For a donation, event goers also get a chance to win some wonderful prizes including the $3,000 cash grand prize, a $500 Diamonds Direct gift certificate, and an iPad; plus other great door prizes throughout the night. To purchase tickets, visit

Mickey visited with Mallory Peebles from the Birmingham Zoo to learn more about the Red River Hogs. For more information, visit

EASTER/SPRING FASHION - Melissa Patton with Von Maur showed us some Easter, spring, and summer fashion for men, women, and children!

For Easter, she showed us outfits for:

Men - Jack Victor Cream Cloth woven sport coat, Santorelli tan flat front pant, Enro spread collar dress shirt, Enro patterned tie, and Donald Pliner brown ombre slip-on loafer

Women - Lilly Pulitzer metallic gold open toe wedge, Von Maur lucite and gold statement necklace, Plaza Suite hot pink hat with feather and bow accent, and Chetta B black and white stripe with floral pattern dress

Girls - Pippa & Julie peach and grey floral lace dress, Toby white daisy-covered purse with metal chain strap, and Peach, cream and gold floral necklace

Boy - Kitestrings sweater vest, Kitestrings plaid woven button down, Polo khaki short, and Von Maur clip on bow tie

For spring and summer looks, she showed us outfits for:

Men - Brooks Brothers mint green v-neck sweater, Brooks Brothers plaid woven shirt, Brooks Brothers Bermuda khaki short, Brooks Brothers polo shirt, and OluKai lace-up dark brown shoe

Ladies - Polo navy and white stripe pullover, Polo plaid woven button down, Polo white short , AERIN die cut leather slip on, and Minimergency daily essential kit

Girls - Royal Riders bright floral two-piece swim suit, Silver denim mid-rise short, and Poochie fancy kitten purse

Boys - Under Armour short, Under Armour t-shirt, and Under Armour sneaker

For more ideas, visit

ASK THE DOCTOR - Dr. Bethany Campbell is an Obstetrician/Gynecologist with St. Vincent's Birmingham. She joined us to take viewer questions and to tell us about the Monogram Maternity program. Welcoming your baby into the world is one of the biggest, most life-changing moments you'll ever experience. That's why St. Vincent's created its program to walk with you every baby step of this incredible journey through our Monogram Maternity program. Designed to make your birthing experience uniquely your own, and to support you throughout your pregnancy, Monogram Maternity offers a wide range of resources from your very own Birth Designer - a specially trained nurse - to the Blessed Beginnings Boutique, to special discounts on fitness and spa services. Throughout this journey St. Vincent's professionals share their knowledge and expertise to help you have the experience YOU want. Because St. Vincent's is not just where babies come from,this is where parents are born.Working With Your Birth Designer - Your Birth Wish experience begins when you meet one-on-one with your Birth Designer. She will be ready to meet in person, by phone, or by email; whatever works best for you. As you and your Birth Designer work together, she may suggest birth design options. She will introduce you to our Birth Experience Room, which includes a variety of items for you to explore as you develop your Birth Wishes. In addition, St. Vincent's will work collaboratively with your physician to ensure your birth experience exceeds your expectations. St. Vincent's understands how important it is for you to take care of yourself and your baby during this time, so it offers a 15% discount at St. Vincent's One Nineteen spa during your pregnancy and free prenatal lactation consultation.

GARDENING - Alabama Cooperative Extension Agent Bethany O'Rear discussed using organic materials in your garden. Inadvertent herbicide damage to garden plants can occur from the use of certain organic materials.

You might notice symptoms like twisted, cupped, and elongated leaves; misshapen fruit; reduced yield; death of young plants; and possibly poor seed germination. Some herbicides that are used to control broadleaf weeds can be persistent and may remain active in the hay, grass clippings, and manure even after they are composted. Some of these herbicides have a half life of 300 days or more and at least one product is known to remain active in compost for several years. A problem sometimes arises when these materials, particularly manure and compost, are applied to fields and gardens to raise vegetables and flowers. The herbicides of greatest concern are picloram, clopyralid, and aminopyralid but the list of products that cause at least some concern is too long to list in this article. The garden plants that are most sensitive to these types of herbicides are tomatoes, potatoes, lettuce, spinach, carrots, peas, beans, dahlias, and some roses but many other plants can be impacted to some degree.Most of these herbicides have a rotational crop restriction of at least 18 months for vegetable crops. This means if these herbicides are used you would need to wait this length of time to safely plant certain vegetables on that soil again. This can vary from product to product and vegetable to vegetable based on their sensitivity to that product. Know the source - If you choose to use any of these sources of organic material, you should find out what herbicides have been used on the grass the animals have eaten and how old the manure or compost is. A farmer you are considering getting the manure from could probably tell you this, but someone with a few horses might not know where the hay they bought for their animals originated from nor with what chemicals was it treated. Likewise, if you plan to use grass clippings you should find out what herbicides have been used on that turf to control weeds. If you don't know what, if any, herbicides were used, do not use the hay, straw, grass clippings, manure, or compost to grow sensitive crops.

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