Foggy morning, with showers on the way

Foggy morning, with showers on the way

. - This morning on Good Day Alabama:

Fog is the big weather situation we are dealing with this morning! We'll have constant weather and traffic updates for you,

A chopper carrying Marines went down off Eglin Air Force base. We'll have an update on the search for victims,

An officer-involved shooting in Hoover to tell you about,

A bill proposal opening the door for charter schools passes the state senate. We'll have details and reaction,

We'll also have reaction to Hillary Clinton's explanation on why she kept a private email account instead of government email account for Federal records,

We show you some great ideas for your Easter outfit and we check out the latest trends to update your wardrobe for spring!

The doctor joins us to take your questions about women's health issues!

In Good Day Gardening we look at what it means to use organic fertilizer in your gardens!

Mickey takes us to the Birmingham Zoo to visit with his friends!

And Jeh Jeh takes us to the Shamrock Shindig,

Please get our Hump Day going with Good Day, yeah! 4:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. on FOX6!


Mike Dubberly

Co-Host, Good Day Alabama