Evening news headlines

Evening news headlines

Greetings from the desk of Jonathan Hardison! Here are some of the stories we're working on for you tonight.

Hoover officer involved in shooting

We're following developing news from the Bluff Park area after police confirm an officer-involved shooting. Reporter Sherea Harris is on the way to the scene and we'll have the latest at 9 and 10.

A step above a fire extinguisher

Wait until you see this video we've got tonight of a spray product developed by a Pelham company that you can put on anything that's flame-resistant and also puts out fires. You'll see someone spray it on their arm, then hold a blowtorch to it with no problem! Christy Hutchings has these local inventors' story tonight.

Billboard owner concedes

And at 10 tonight more on a story we broke online this afternoon. That controversial billboard in Homewood is coming down and relocating. We talk to the owner about where the billboard is going now and how neighbors are reacting tonight on Fox6 News at 10.

I hope you'll join us for these stories and more starting at 9! Watch us on air, online at MyFoxAl.com or in the WBRC News app.