Dense fog advisory through 9 a.m. Tuesday

Dense fog advisory through 9 a.m. Tuesday

This morning on Good Day Alabama:

Some more rain and a chance for severe weather today, plus a big change Thursday with a chance for wintry weather issues! Mickey will update us this morning.

A couple of state legislators join us to discuss the Governor's State of the State address where he, again, talks about proposals to raise taxes.

Shelley Stewart joins us to talk about a very important effort he's pushing.

An arrest has been made in the shooting death of a teenage girl.

More on a woman from Mountain Brook charged over the weekend for crashing into a construction worker who lost his legs in the accident.

A ruling by the Alabama Supreme Court has upheld the Alabama Accountability Act. We'll have reaction.

An artist who painted a portrait of Bill Clinton reveals a hidden reference in the portrait related to Monica Lewinsky.

Find out how you can get free financial help on anything from straightening out your finances to finding money for your kids for college!

March is upon us and spring is just around the corner! What you should have on your to-do list for your garden this month to make sure it is beautiful this spring and summer!

We check out some great new books, movies, and music headed your way this week!

And UAB's latest class taught through puppets? We check out Avenue Q.

We love you and hope you join us from 4:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. on FOX6!


Mike Dubberly

Co-Host, Good Day Alabama