Be careful--it's foggy out there!

Be careful--it's foggy out there!

This morning on Good Day Alabama:

No snow or ice to worry about this morning, but fog could be an issue! Also Mickey says we could be dealing with severe weather and then possibly more wintry weather this week! Tune for the latest updates on weather and traffic!

There's a new Emergency Management Agency alert system to help you in times of critical weather or safety situations.

There's an officer-involved shooting in Los Angeles that is causing quite a bit of controversy as a homeless man is gunned down.

The first American infected with Ebola last year is suing the hospital in Dallas where she worked as a nurse.

ISIS releases some hostages, but fate of others is unknown at this time.

The Good Day court will be in session! Our lawyer will join us to discuss the Ebola nurse case, the Joyce Garrard case, and more clarification on whether employers can require you to come to work during winter weather.

So we hope to have you from 4:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. on FOX6!


Mike Dubberly

Co-Host, Good Day Alabama