Evening news

Greetings from the desk of Jonathan Hardison!

SNOW SNOW SNOW!! We're finally seeing some snow on top of Red Mountain and into the Birmingham metro area. We've got all of our crews spread out across North Central Alabama from places like Winfield, Marion, and Cullman who've been socked by up to 8 inches of snow, to Adamsville and St. Clair County where we may end up with just an inch or two.

And not to break my arm patting us on the back, but big kudos to J-P Dice and our Fox6 StormWarn Team who forecast this exact scenario of a "wiggly" rain/snow line near north Birmingham 36 hours ago, and the snow system has followed that track almost exactly.

I can brag on them because they won't, but we're glad you trust us to be transparent in what we know and what we don't, and thanks for holding us accountable throughout our coverage which will continue after Empire tonight on FOX6.

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