You know it's all about the bits, bout the bits, no kibble

You know it's all about the bits, bout the bits, no kibble

Here's what you saw on Good Day Alabama for Feb. 23, 2015:

DAYTONA 500 WINNER - Joey Logano won Sunday's Daytona 500! The win came under caution after a multicar wreck on the backstretch forced NASCAR to wave the yellow flag. Logano joined us live this morning with his reaction to the win! With a shove from Bowyer, Logano took the lead from Jimmie Johnson on Lap 191 and held it until NASCAR called the caution for Justin Allgaier's spin seven laps later.

BBB - David Smitherman from the Better Business Bureau joined us to talk about 5 things not to share on Facebook. From vacation photos to wedding albums, interesting news articles to political discussions, Facebook is a wonderful tool we can use to share information and interact with friends, family, and acquaintances in one place. With over 1.39 billion active monthly users worldwide, that's a lot of information. How much is too much to share? Even if you've carefully set your privacy settings - though nothing on Facebook is truly private, here are five things you should keep offline, from via USA Today. On their own, each of these pieces of information isn't necessarily bad, but add them up, and you could be a target for identity theft or stalking.

1. Your address. - When you post a vacation picture, potential thieves have your address and now know you are away.

2. Work-related information - It's easier to break through to companies through their people, and a prime place to learn more about an organization's employees is through social media.

3. Your relationship status - It can elicit all sorts of awkward and potentially creepy comments.

4. Your credit card information - If you leave your card information in your profile and someone uses your computer, the can access it.

5. Your phone number - Facebook requires you to give your mobile number for security reasons, but that doesn't mean you have to advertise it on your profile—it's visible to anyone you friend by default. To remove it, go "Update Info" and click on "Contact and Basic Info." Click edit, then the little icon, and select the drop-down that reads "Only Me" so that no one else can see your phone number.

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DR. ASA - Mike talked with Dr. Asa Andrew - known as America's Health Coach, MD®. He is also a national best-selling author, radio and TV host, and founder of Diagnosis HOPE, a non-profit dedicated to health education and supporting the uninsured. He has dedicated his life to helping others thrive in their health. Today he discussed heart healthy month and his top tips for healthy cholesterol levels. Cholesterol is not as bad as we make it out to be. It's about keeping the right balance of the "good" and he "bad" cholesterol.

1. Eat More Eggs - The egg yolk contains choline and lecithin that helps to support healthy cholesterol levels.

2. Increase Omega-3 Fats - The omega 3 fats found in fish oil and some nuts and seeds are helpful at maintaining a proper balance of cholesterol.

3. Increase Niacin - Vitamin B3 - Niacin helps support the "good" cholesterol. Foods include tuna, beef, mushrooms, green peas, and avocado.

4. Eat More Fruits and Vegetables - Nutrients and Fiber. A higher fiber diet will lead to healthier cholesterol levels.

5. Exercise More - Getting more cardiovascular exercise is proven to help maintain great cholesterol levels. Set a goal for 15 minutes a day of brisk walking.

6. Red Yeast Rice - Used in Chinese Medicine for years as a support for healthy cholesterol. Found at health food stores

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ASK THE GARDENER - Alabama Cooperative Extension Agent Sallie Lee took questions from viewers about their gardening needs. You can reach her at the Extension office with your questions at (205) 879-6964 ext 11.

Tomorrow on Good Day Alabama, our nutritionist joins us with the truth about fiber and its impact on your waistline! In Money Tuesday, we explain why it's so important to leave a last will and testament to spare your family a lot of hassle. Jeh Jeh wraps up Black History Month at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute! Tomorrow marks two years since the death of Kate Ragsdale... the latest on this unsolved case in Tuscaloosa! And it's cold but that doesn't mean the fish aren't biting! Reed Montgomery joins us to take your questions about fishing! Plus we check out what's new in entertainment on store shelves this week! Join us for this much more tomorrow on Good Day Alabama!