Evening news headlines

Evening news headlines

Greetings from the desk of Jonathan Hardison! I hope you're having a nice evening. Here are some of the stories we're working on for you tonight:

Expensive prank

Who cares about a few stolen letters from a library sign? I'll admit, that's what I asked at first when I heard what story Megan Hayes is chasing tonight. But someone's been stealing them repeatedly from the Homewood library and its costing taxpayers more than you might think to replace them. So police are hoping to put the letters B-U-S-T-E-D together soon for this thief.

Managing your wireless bill

And if your cell phone bill has jumped recently, you'll want to tune in for John Huddleston's report. He is taking a look at some of the changes to your plan you may not know about that could be behind the increase.

New keys to college success

Many college and universities now want to know a whole lot more about applicants than their ACT and SAT results before asking them to attend. We explain how they're hoping to learn more about the student behind the application.

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