Say hello to Bella, ella, ella

Say hello to Bella, ella, ella

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Cinderella is a timeless tale complete with elegant dancing, comical miming, spectacular costumes and scenery. This fairy-tale ballet will captivate families and all who love classical ballet. It follows the longing of Cinderella, her magical encounter with the captivating Prince, and the ominous clock chiming midnight. With the comical antics of the ugly stepsisters, Cinderella is a classical ballet that's vibrant and bursting with wit. Tickets range from $25-$55. It is an all-ages show with four performances at Samford University's Wright Center – tomorrow at 7:30pm, Saturday at 2:30 and 7:30pm, and Sunday at 2:30pm. For tickets or more information, call 205-202-8142 or visit



Stock up on emergency supplies for communication, food, safety, heating, and vehicles in case a storm hits.

Communication Checklist: Make sure you have at least one of the following in case there is a power failure - cell phone, portable charger, and extra batteries and battery-powered radio, with extra batteries, for listening to local emergency instructions. Find out how your community warns the public about severe weather. Make a Family Communication Plan. Your family may not be together during an extreme winter event, so it is important to know how you will contact one another, how you will get back together, and what you will do during an emergency. Be sure to check on older neighbors and family members; assist as necessary. Know what winter storm warning terms mean. Turning on the stove for heat is not safe; have at least one of the following heat sources in case the power goes out - extra blankets, sleeping bags, and warm winter coats; fireplace with plenty of dry firewood or a gas log fireplace; portable space heaters or kerosene heaters; check with your local fire department to make sure that kerosene heaters are legal in your area; use electric space heaters with automatic shut-off switches and non-glowing elements; never place a space heater on top of furniture or near water; never leave children unattended near a space heater; keep heat sources at least 3 feet away from furniture and drapes; h safety equipment such as a chemical fire extinguisher, smoke alarm in working order, and carbon monoxide detector. Never use an electric generator indoors, inside the garage, or near the air intake of your home because of the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Do not use the generator or appliances if they are wet. Do not store gasoline indoors where the fumes could ignite. Use individual heavy-duty, outdoor-rated cords to plug in other appliances. Have a week's worth of food and safety supplies. If you live far from other people, have more supplies on hand. Make sure you have the following supplies -

drinking water, canned/no-cook food - bread, crackers, dried fruits, non-electric can opener, baby food and formula if baby in the household, prescription drugs and other medicine, first-aid kit, rock-salt to melt ice on walkways, supply of cat litter or bag of sand to add traction on walkways, flashlight and extra batteries, and battery-powered lamps or lanterns. To prevent the risk of fire, avoid using candles. Keep a water supply. Extreme cold can cause water pipes in your home to freeze and sometimes break. Leave all water taps slightly open so they drip continuously. Keep the indoor temperature warm. Allow more heated air near pipes. Open kitchen cabinet doors under the kitchen sink. If your pipes do freeze, do not thaw them with a torch. Thaw the pipes slowly with warm air from an electric hair dryer. If you cannot thaw your pipes, or if the pipes have broken open, use bottled water or get water from a neighbor's home. Fill the bathtub or have bottled water on hand. In an emergency, if no other water is available, snow can be melted for water. Bringing water to a rolling boil for one minute will kill most germs but won't get rid of chemicals sometimes found in snow. Is Your Vehicle Winter Ready? Keep the following in your vehicle - cell phone, portable charger, and extra batteries, shovel, windshield scraper, battery-powered radio with extra batteries, flashlight with extra batteries, water, snack food, extra hats, coats, and mittens, blankets, chains or rope, tire chains, canned compressed air with sealant for emergency tire repair, road salt and sand, booster cables, emergency flares, bright colored flag or help signs, first aid kit, tool kit, road maps, compass, waterproof matches and a can to melt snow for water, and paper towels. For more information, visit


Did you know that your typical fast food French fries contain a chemical used in Silly Putty, or that your favorite fruit may have been sprayed heavily with pesticides that could be triggering your body to store fat? The sheer composition of today's food is making us gain weight, feel sick, and age before our time. Vani Hari now hands us the tools to cut out hidden food toxins, lose weight, and get healthy in just 21 days! In THE FOOD BABE WAY, Hari outlines where danger lurks in our food, explains how to decode food labels, and offers advice on what we should eat and how to shop organic without draining our wallets. With easy-to-follow meal plans, shopping lists, and mouthwatering recipes, Hari's simple, practical, and accessible plan will have us losing weight—without counting calories. Along the way, Hari shares her own story of how she lost weight and rid herself of the problems that had dogged her since she was a child, including eczema and allergies, and how she has become one of the nation's most influential food activists. Hari will also share tips on how to become you're own food activist to help you and your family make better and wiser choices when it comes to the food you're eating. Janice talked with Vani Hari about her 21 positive, lasting habits you can develop to create major change in your life including:

• Taking back control of your food and your health by learning more about what you're eating and where it comes from.

• Drinking lemon water in the morning with a sprinkle of cayenne pepper on top: This will jump-start your metabolism as well as cleanse your body of toxins.

• Supplementing with 10 Superhero Foods that provide your body with a high ratio of nutrition to calories, making them the most nutritionally dense foods available. Ideas include: kimchi and yogurt, raw cacao, goji berries, chia seeds, spiraling, quinoa, and sprouts.

• Detoxing from added sugar by learning how to read food labels and only purchasing products that use organic, unprocessed sweeteners instead of lab-made additives

Vani Hari's life's mission is to educate the world on how to live a clean, organic, healthy lifestyle in an over processed, contaminated-food world, and how to look and feel fabulous while doing it! She receives more than 2.5 million unique visitors per month on

, and with the mobilization of her “Food Babe army,” her successful petitions to companies such as Subway, Kraft, Chipotle, Chick-fil-A, and Anheuser-Busch have resulted in the removal of harmful ingredients from their food, steering them toward more healthful policies.


Lauren Dickerson from the Shelby County Humane Society introduced us to a pet that needs a new home. Her name is Bella. For adoptions, call 205-669-3916 or visit



Mike talked with Amanda LeBlanc of the Amanda's for advice on organizing your mudroom. Many people install locker type shelving but they just collect junk. People still need solutions for kids' backpacks and extracurricular activities. She showed us how to use a product that lets you build a system that best meets your needs - from shoe cubbies, baskets for backpacks or sports equipment, and hooks for hats, gloves, scarves. She also showed us how to add a message board to hold a calendar of all of your family's activities and how to add upper storage solutions for seasonal items that you want to keep out of site. She says creating an organized system will cut down on the stress in your life. For more ideas, visit


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get those engines running! Larry McReynolds joins us to kick off the 2015 season for NASCAR and tells us what to expect from Sunday's Daytona 500! Jeh Jeh does a bit of racing of his own on four wheels.... they're just strapped to his feet rather than a car! He catches up with the Tragic City Rollers as they prepare to start a new season of roller derby bouts! And it's not March yet but still time for a little basketball madness with Alabama High Schools! What you need to know to enjoy some great games in the playoffs next week! And charcoal... it's not just for grilling anymore! A look at why some people drink it and the health benefits they claim it offers! Plus we check out your business and entertainment headlines! Join us for this and much more tomorrow on Good Day Alabama!