Evening news headlines

Evening news headlines

Happy Friday from the desk of Jonathan Hardison! I hope you're comfortable and warm tonight as we work on the latest news for you.

Winter weather forecast

It seems like every hour we get some new weather model data in that's giving us a slightly different forecast for what to expect in terms of winter weather starting early Monday morning. What we know for sure is there's no one better-equipped to interpret that data and give us some information we can act on than our team of meteorologists lead by J-P Dice, who'll have the latest data update starting on FOX6 News at 9 - and of course 24/7 at MyFoxAl.com and in our WBRC News and Weather apps.

Missing Fairfield teen

And this missing teen story from Fairfield gets stranger by the minute. He's an autistic 15-year-old who's apparently been missing for weeks, and police are trying to figure out who in his family may have seen him last or if anyone knows where he is. We're on the case tonight as detectives ask for your help to find this young man.

Traffic ticket controversy

You probably remember our story earlier this week about a Cullman man who got a ticket for lack of insurance when he tried to show a Kimberly officer his e-surance card on his smartphone. Well, he had his day in traffic court at we'll tell you how it went.

I hope you'll join us for theses stories and more starting at 9. Watch us on air, online at MyFoxAl.com or in the WBRC News app.