Evening news headlines

Evening news headlines

Happy Thursday from the desk of Jonathan Hardison! Here are some of the stories we're working on tonight.

Cold danger

It may not just be your imagination, you can be allergic to the cold. What?! That's what we were saying in the newsroom tonight when we learned this from a local allergist but reporter Megan Hayes will explain how this allergy plays out in your body (assuming you have it) and how to protect yourself.

Batteries on fire

And at 10, make sure you're not rubbing some 9-volt batteries together to keep warm in this cold because John Huddleston found out today how much of a fire hazard they can be. So it's not just space heaters, it's your batteries you may need to keep an eye on as the mercury drops tonight.

Fighting human trafficking

The FBI says 100,000 American children and bought and sold in the U.S. each year and it's a challenge to convince people it's happening in their cities. Tonight, advocates shed light on this issue and talk about how to stop human trafficking.

I hope you'll join us for these stories and more starting at 9. Watch us on air, online at MyFoxAl.com or in the WBRC News app.