Happy National Inventors' Day

Happy National Inventors' Day

This morning on Good Day Alabama:

Sadly, a young American woman held by ISIS has been confirmed by the Pentagon to have been killed. Her family's emotional reaction,

Video and updates on a growing winter storm that is slamming the northeast and is not expected to let up,

Our weather has turned much colder and Mickey will tell us when it will start to warm up again,

Results from a vote to raise property taxes in Birmingham to help Birmingham City Schools,

February is heart health month and another cardiologist joins us to take your questions! This time he takes your questions about your heart and the circulation in your legs!

Speaking of hearts.... spread the love! We bring you a singing Valentine!

And Jeh Jeh celebrates Black History Month with some special music by a local choir!

And we talk gardening and some advice you can use in your garden,

We're just going to do our best to get you out the door feeling good about your morning, so please tune in from 4:30 - 9:00 a.m. on FOX6!


Mike Dubberly