Happy National Wear Red Day

Happy National Wear Red Day

This morning on Good Day Alabama:

It is well below freezing this morning! Mickey will tell us when it's going to warm up,

Jordanians respond to one of their own being executed with a massive air raid of ISIS targets,

We have an update on the condition of Whitney Houston's daughter,

We talk live with the new Secretary of Health and Human Services about the latest issues involving Obamacare,

Mike Dubberly brings us another entertaining and memorable Dub's Dubs at 6:50-AM!

Jeh Jeh takes us to the Jazz Cat Ball to check out all the fun to be had there while raising money for local animals!

Clare teaches us about CPR and care for your little one in her Mommy Minute!

We show you possibly the cutest book ever - a puppy and a baby napping! It's worth tuning in to see!

Mickey's buddies from the Birmingham Zoo join us,

We hope you'll join us from 4:30 to 9:00-AM on Fox6!


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