Now that's one cute baby donkey

Now that's one cute baby donkey

This morning on Good Day Alabama:

A manhunt for a Georgia man accused of killing his wife, her daughter and members of her family is over. He's been arrested.

Brrr, it's very cold this morning! We'll tell you if it's going to warm up later today.

Another round of wintry weather affecting a good portion of the country.

Rising concerns over the spread of measles and misinformation about getting your kids vaccinated.

Missy Elliott sales are skyrocketing, we'll tell you why.

New research looks at coffee, yogurt, and sodium. We look at the results of some of our most popular foods!

New excitement at the McWane Science Center. We take you there to check it all out!

Get ready for the Wild-Game Cookoff! We bring you all the details so you can enjoy it!

New books for you to enjoy as you curl up by the fire this winter. We show you some good ones!

And did you know there is still time to save on your tax bill? We find out how in Money Tuesday.

Plus, timely updates on your traffic situation,

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Mike Dubberly

Co-Host, Good Day Alabama