Afternoon headlines

Good afternoon from the desk of Janet Hall. Here are the stories we're working on for FOX6 News this evening.

Alabama Chief Justice speaks out

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore is urging Governor Bentley to fight back against a federal judge's ruling striking down Alabama's ban on same sex marriage. Moore says probate judges will be breaking Alabama law if they give a marriage license to a same sex couple. All of this is on hold for two weeks due to a legal stay to allow time for appeals. We're following it every step of the way so join us at 5:00 for the latest.

Possible layoffs at U.S. Steel

More than 1,500 employees of U.S. Steel face possible layoffs. What would such an economic loss do the city of Fairfield? We'll check it out.

School bus evacuation training

We've had two recent crashes involving school buses with students onboard. Today a training session was held in Northport to teach drivers and students how to safely evacuate a bus in an emergency. We'll show you what they learned.

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