Afternoon news headlines

Afternoon news headlines

Good afternoon from the desk of Janet Hall. Here are the stories we're working on for FOX6 News this evening.

Second school bus overturns in two days

Authorities say 10 children have been taken to the hospital after a Jefferson County school bus overturned near Rudd Middle School. The sheriff says the injuries are not life-threatening. We'll have the latest at 5.

Memorial Mound baby

A baby girl whose remains were interred at Memorial Mound in Bessemer now has a new resting place. The remains left at the abandoned mausoleum were the target of vandalism. As we've reported in recent weeks, authorities took over the site and the remains were sent to the coroner. We'll show you how the baby's family was able to finally bury the child in a safe and lasting resting place today.

Police use of mace

Did Birmingham Police go too far using a chemical spray against high school students? That's the question debated in a Birmingham courtroom this week. FOX6 News Reporter Melanie Posey is there and will have the latest on today's testimony.

Absolutely Alabama

Where can you get a plate of lasagna and practice your target shooting at the same time? It's a place that has to be Absolutely Alabama. Fred Hunter takes us there tonight on FOX6 News at 6.

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