Expert weighs in on situation at vandalized mausoleum

Expert weighs in on situation at vandalized mausoleum

Happy Friday from Jonathan Hardison! We hope you're having a good night and here are some of the stories we're working on:

Mounting costs

The sad situation at Bessemer's Memorial Mound continues to unfold in new ways tonight. Megan Hayes talked to the President of the Alabama Funeral Directors and Morticians Association who says the families who tonight are pulling their loved ones' remains out of the mausoleum will end up paying potentially thousands of dollars for new caskets and a burial plot.

Analyzing the numbers

And John Huddleston spent the evening with the head of the new UAB committee formed to pick an auditor for the study that lead to the demise of UAB football, rifle and bowling. What are they looking for and what questions do they hope this answers? We'll have more during FOX6 News.

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