YouTube video documents inside the abandoned Memorial Mound mausoleum

YouTube video documents inside the abandoned Memorial Mound mausoleum

BESSEMER, AL (WBRC) - Bessemer Police continued their investigation into an abandoned mausoleum near Lipscomb Thursday.

A new video on YouTube has surfaced showing several men entering the underground facility.

They were shocked when they discovered what police are calling possible human remains. Matt Glasscock and Jake Evans told FOX6 they saw pictures posted online of the property and wanted to check it out themselves.

"We figured we'd just go and see if it was all true," said Glasscock. "If we did find something, document it and maybe get the word out on it and maybe something would be done about it."

Armed with flashlights and cameras, the men ventured into the building this past weekend.

"The main room was the auditorium, where the podium was," said Glasscock. "I guess that's where they had the services. And then the room to the left was like a showcase room for all the caskets."

However Glasscock and Evans weren't the first to go inside. A woman named Rene asked us not to use her last name.

"I just feel it's a shame, I feel bad," she said.

Rene said she went in on December 25 and claims she saw what she believes are human remains, out in the open.

"Just once we saw that, we had so many questions," she said. "We contacted Bessemer Police Department, it was a holiday so they said contact the county when they're open. We did that, they just told us basically it was up for property tax sale."

Rene thinks Glasscock's YouTube video encouraged authorities to take the situation seriously.

"Hopefully they will go in and put these people in a respectable final resting place. That's the best you can hope for," she said.

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