Freedom From Religion Foundation sends complaint over Glencoe nativity scene

Freedom From Religion Foundation sends complaint over Glencoe nativity scene

GLENCOE, AL (WBRC) - The city of Glencoe is subject of the latest complaint by the Wisconsin-based Freedom from Religion Foundation.

The group, which opposes religious displays on government-owned property, sent a letter to mayor Charles Gilchrist opposing a nativity scene that appeared on the lawn of Glencoe City Hall during the holidays.

The foundation sent a letter to Gilchrist at city hall dated Monday, January 12, saying the scene had been unlawful and demanding some type of remediation.

The scene was removed by the city sometime after Christmas. Gilchrist declined to comment, saying he'd rather wait until he consulted with city attorney Jim Turnbach.

When Fox6 reached out to Turnbach, he said he would speak to city officials soon. Turnbach is also the city attorney for Rainbow City, which received a similar complaint from the same group. At the time, Turnbach said the group appeared to be misapplying case law in its argument demanding the scene be taken down. The Rainbow City nativity scene depicted silhouette figures of Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus, outlined by Christmas lights.

The Glencoe scene, however, shows more lifelike figures of the three, along with the three wise men. According to the complaint letter, it was also flanked by signs saying "Keep CHRIST in Christmas" and "Wise men still seek Him."

The Freedom from Religion Foundation also sent letters to the city of Piedmont recently, complaining about student-led prayer at the beginning of football games, and about a city-sponsored parade that used the theme "Keeping Christ in Christmas." The parade was held as scheduled but the football game prayers stopped.

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