Bill Clark attends party in his honor, speaks out on UAB's planned independent review

Bill Clark attends party in his honor, speaks out on UAB's planned independent review

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Now former UAB Coach Bill Clark didn't have much to say when asked about the school's decision to conduct an independent review of the financial study that led to the shut-down of the football program.

"I really have not gotten in there and really studied the numbers," Clark said. "I know we've had a lot of people that are fighting for us. And trying to make things happen but let's just see what will happen. I've told a bunch of people.

"They've asked me what I thought. But we'll just see what happens. You know there really is not a lot to comment right now," Clark continued.

Clark attended a party thrown in his honor Saturday night. Supporters showed up to recognize him for winning the Conference USA Coach of the Year, probably one of the few times a coach has done that and then been left without a job.

"You know we're here tonight to honor him. The University and the school never did that...And so we decided as a booster group we wanted to celebrate his accomplishments," Justin Craft said.

"You know I was just really tickled to be part of this family and get to know a lot of these folks and you know I'm just humbled by something like this, people showing up for you," Clark added.

Clark says over the past month other coaches have called offering support where they can.

"I've said it's kind of like a death no one really knows what to say to me," Clark explained.

And while he appreciates the sentiment, he says it's hard to take away the sting of losing a team and a program.

"You know when you see a guy sign somewhere else, or you see a recruit we had somewhere else. You know it's just tough and still is," Clark said.

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