Superintendent explains why schools delay for cold weather

Superintendent explains why schools delay for cold weather

JEFFERSON COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - The deep freeze is leading several school systems to delay the start of school by two hours on Thursday morning.

But if you're a parent inconvenienced by this decision you're probably asking "Why?"

Confusion and even a little frustration is coming out in posts on our Facebook page. Some viewers want to know why school systems are delaying the start time this week.

One person posted this comment: "Am I missing something? Why exactly are schools delayed. All I see is cold weather."

Another person posted, "I will make my own judgment. Don't need a school telling me what's safe for my kids."

Someone else said, "Only in Alabama, crazy."

[Check the full list of school delays here.]

FOX6 News caught up with Jefferson County Schools Superintendent Dr. Craig Pouncey, who addressed the concern.

"We just want to make sure we have time to ensure all of our buses are warm and operational and ready to hit the road safe," Pouncey said.

Dr. Pouncey says the concern is the possibility of buses breaking down because of the deep freeze.

"Our biggest concern is the possibility of freezing moisture within the air brake system and by delaying the start that gives our mechanics an opportunity to hit any trouble spots on any buses that might not meet the test," Pouncey said.

Dr. Pouncey says taking extra precautions is not only about making sure the kids are taken care of, it's also about giving parents peace of mind.

"At the same time, ensure parents that buses are safe and are operational and ready to deliver kids to school," said Pouncey said.

While Jefferson County Schools are being delayed two hours Thursday, that only applies to the students.

Everyone else is expected to be at school at the normal time.

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