Get ready for the mid-week freeze!

Get ready for the mid-week freeze!

Good evening from the desk of Jonathan Hardison. Here's a look at some of the stories we're working on for tonight.

This brutally cold weather we're about to get into may have you reaching for the firewood or a space heater, so tonight we've got some helpful reminders reminders from fire officials on how to stay warm and safe.

Murder suspect booked in Hoover

The man accused of killing a 34-year old woman in Hoover is being booked in the city jail after surrendering to authorities in Dallas County. Tonight, what we're learning about the relationship between the victim and her alleged attacker.

Beware discount vacation clubs

In the midst of this cold snap you may be tempted to join a vacation club that promises deep discounts on sunny getaways, but don't join before you see our Consumer Reports investigation exclusively tonight on Fox6 News at 10.

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