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Anniston man stabs himself in the chest after being shot by police

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The Anniston Police department says a 60-year-old man stabbed himself in the chest after an officer shot him in the abdomen in defense of fellow officers.

Captain Allen George identified the suspect as James Wine, of Anniston.

An officer responded to a disturbance call in the 1400 block of Morrisville Road at 8:27 Monday night. Police say the caller advised 911 that a male was in the backyard causing the disturbance and he was armed with a knife and had cut his wrists.

Law enforcement discovered the suspect standing in the driveway with a knife upon arrival. Authorities say the suspect refused to drop the knife despite repeated commands from officers to do so.

Backup officers responded while the first officer issued commands to drop the knife.

Officers attempted to use a taser on the suspect but say the suspect removed it and continued holding the knife. The suspect raised the knife and began moving towards the officers, refusing to drop it.

While providing cover for fellow officers, one officer fired a single round and struck the suspect in the abdomen.

Police say the suspect stabbed himself in the chest area with the knife. The suspect moved to stab himself again, but police used a taser on him again, causing him to drop the knife.

The suspect reached for the knife again as officers walked towards him. Police used a taser for a third time and were able to bring him under control. Law enforcement then called for medical assistance.

The Anniston Police Department's Investigation Division, Crime Lab and Jacksonville State University Center for Applied Science are investigating the scene and the incident.

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