Our Christmas tree has arms!

Our Christmas tree has arms!

Here's what you saw on Good Day Alabama for December 23, 2014:


It's that time of year again! There are things you can do to get a tax break for the year.

- Required Minimum Distributions - RMDs - direct transfers to charity. When you turn age 70 and 1/2, you must begin taking at least a minimum distribution - RMDs - from your retirement accounts.

- Private Mortgage Insurance - PMI - premium tax deduction. If, when purchasing or refinancing a home, your loan to value is less than 80 percent, typically you have to pay "private mortgage insurance."

For more information, visit www.welchgroup.com.


Good News For Carb Lovers!

While the results of a recent study may have disappointed the study researchers, carb lovers could not be happier. The researchers were interested in finding out if low glycemic index diets improved heart health or the risk for diabetes.

Not all carbohydrate foods are alike. Years ago, researchers discovered that some high carb foods increased blood sugar more than others. The glycemic index ranks foods according to how much they tend to raise blood sugar. Foods above a 60 or 70 - like sugar, potatoes, pasta, and white bread - are categorized as "high glycemic foods." Foods below a 40 – like starchy beans and peas and most vegetables – are categorized as "low glycemic foods".

In this latest study, the researchers randomized 163 overweight people to eat diets with that were either high or low in carbohydrate and high or low in glycemic index. And, they gave them the food to eat! For more information:



Cathy Borden from The Home Depot talked about ways to be better organized for the holidays next year.

Decorating is fun but taking down those decorations not as much fun so organizing can make all the difference.

One big way is in how you store your decorations and tree.

Cathy showed us some of the storage items available to help you.

You can watch the segment on our website, myfoxal.com. Check out the Good Day tab.


Jimmy Rockett from Bug Juice Gardens joins us to explain how to handle winter weeds. Jimmy says Atrazine is an amazing weed control product for this time of the year. He also recoomends you use the other products called Turf Mark and Spreader Sticker. The Turf Mark is a dye that is non toxic and will dissolve with rain. This lets you see where you are spraying the Atrazine. Spreader Sticker helps the Atrazine stick to the weeds. Jimmy reminds you to read the label on all products and mark on your calendar as to when you sprayed or applied any product so that you know when to follow up. Jmmy also recommends the pre emerge that Hannas Garden Shop carries. It is labeled for poe annua and other weeds for our area. Be sure sure you match the square footage of your area to the bag coverage. You can go a little heavy but if you go thin, you will not see as good results. For more information. call Jimmy at 205-981-1151, email him at jimmyrockett@att.net, or visit www.jimmyrockett.com.

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