Delivery drivers take extra precautions after fellow employee is murdered

Delivery drivers take extra precautions after fellow employee is murdered

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Employees at the Dominos Pizza in Cahaba Heights are in shock after one their own was murdered while making a delivery.

"Somebody had set up a fake order and decided to do a senseless crime and rob our driver and gave him a fatal blow (trauma) to the head," said store general manager Casey Leroy.

The victim is 63-year-old Najeh Masaeid. He had been with the store for more than 15 years.

Leroy says Masaeid's death has hit him and his staff hard. Several of his drivers are fearing for their own lives.

"I know off the top of my head about four of my drivers are not coming back," said Leroy.

"Obviously you can never let your guard down, not that he did. But you just don't ever know. We just have to be on high alert all the time," said Co-owner Waleed Ghabayen.

That includes added security for the drivers at least until the killer is off the streets.

"Were going to take precautions. We're going to have pepper spray. Some are going to have tasers. And we're going to do security call backs on anything that we might think is funny now," said Leroy. "If it's dark we're going to have flash lights just to be walking up to these breezeways to know in advance."

Leroy says many of his drivers do this as a second a job to bring home extra cash for their families. Now many are considering whether the money is really worth it.

"Because they do it, to give something extra to their kids. You know to do something special. And it's not worth them not coming home," said Leroy.

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