Daughter of pizza delivery driver says she is 'so lost' after her father's murder

Family remembers slain pizza delivery driver
Najeh Masaeid. (Source: Family photo)
Najeh Masaeid. (Source: Family photo)

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - The daughter of a pizza delivery driver is remembering her father one day after

"He had the heart of a teenager. He often referenced himself as a brand new car with high mileage," Jordan Hosey, Masaeid's daughter, said.

It's those memories Jordan Hosey is remembering as she now grieves and plans her father's funeral.

"I'm so lost. I just wasn't prepared for this," she said.

On Sunday, just before 7 p.m., Masaeid was found dead at the District of the Summit apartments. He was killed while making a pizza delivery.

"I'm hoping that we can just put all this behind us and find this coward. I just want him found and ask him, 'Why? Why? What did he do to you to deserve this?'" Hosey said.

Hosey said her father was a hard working man who moved his family to the United States from Jordan in the late 1990's for a better life.

"We came in hopes of a better future. He believed in working from the bottom up. He did not feel like he had to be entitled to anything," Hosey said.

That work ethic was strong. Hosey said her father would work long days just to make sure his family was taken care of.

"So much spirit. He just had such a good spirit for a 63-year-old and he was still working 80 hours a week like it's nothing," Hosey said.

While the family grieves they're also trying to find a way to pay for Masaeid's funeral.

Hosey has set up a

to help with expenses. Within hours the outpouring of support has been abundant. On Tuesday, the total had surpassed $66,000.

Several people left messages of condolences to the family and left notes remembering Masaeid.

"He would always smile and laugh when my kids came to the door. Or laugh at my husband and I when we'd order 4 lava cakes at midnight. I don't understand the evil in this world, but Najeh could make you see the good. Rest in peace, dear soul," wrote Amanda S.
"I haven't seen Najeh in around 10 years, but before that I worked with him. I made the pizza, he delivered it. At times he helped me make the pizza, when I was overwhelmed. I have thought of him many times. He helped show me that hard work is what matters. I worked mornings with him, and if he was there first, he would hide and jump out and scare the crap out of me!!! So when I would get there before him, or maybe after a delivery, I would do it to him. We would laugh and laugh about it. He shared much wisdom with me about his life abroad, and here. It may seem to some he wasn't making the American Dream, but he would never give up. I hate this happened, and I hope the person or persons that did this will get what they deserve, and you don't want to know what I think that is. He was my friend and I love all my friends, and their family," wrote Ben F.

The support is a small piece of hope for Hosey and her family.

"I'm overwhelmed with the community and the support. I'm just so grateful and so thankful," Hosey said.

She said this time of the year will never be the same without her father.

"It's such a special time of the year especially you know. I have to bury my dad on Christmas and it's always going to be remembered that way," Hosey said.

If you would like to donate to Masaeid's family, please visit  


On Monday night, Hosey shared that she is planning a candlelight vigil for her father. It will be held at 5 p.m. the night of Christmas at the Domino's in Cahaba Heights.

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