Chicken Milanese Panzanella

Chicken Milanese Panzanella

* Chicken (6oz) tenderized and breaded in Italian bread crum seasoning

* Yellow Grape Tomatoes

* Roma Tomatoes

* Arugala

* Mediterranean Vinaigrette

* Mediterranean Olives (sliced)

* Parmesan Cheese (grated)

* Extra Virgin Olive Oil

* Black Pepper

* Oregano

* Sea Salt

* Pickled Onion

* Grana Parmesan


About Romano's Kitchen Counter

* Many people are looking for a fast lunch without the fast-food experience.

* The Kitchen Counter service boasts the best of both worlds to create sit-down quality meals with fast casual prices, accommodating those on tight schedules.

* The nationwide chain is building on its legacy with new counter service ordering options, which allow the full-service restaurant to be as fast as the customer wants it to be.

* New Kitchen Counter service offers scratch-made, quality lunch options for $7 under 7 minutes, guaranteed.

* The menu features fresh salads, classic dishes-turned-sandwiches, pasta and specialty Calzonettos – handheld pockets filled with your favorite Italian ingredients and baked in a brick oven.

* Consumers are moving away from traditional dining at lunch and into the fast casual category.

* Macaroni Grill is the only significant restaurant brand offering both full-service and fast casual dining experiences.

* Menu extras include side salads, chips, breads, cookies and tiramisu.

About Romano's Macaroni Grill

* Known for its bustling open kitchen, unforgettable meals and Italian charisma.

* Macaroni Grill was created over 25 years ago to delight guests with Italian classics served in a traditional Italian kitchen environment.

* Currently 8 locations in DFW, more than 130 across this U.S. and 18 international locations * Visit to find a location near you