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5-year-old Ohio State fan donates $1 to save UAB's football program

Source: Brad Williams/Twitter Source: Brad Williams/Twitter
Source: Amanda Williams Source: Amanda Williams
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Source: Brad Williams/Twitter Source: Brad Williams/Twitter

The demise of UAB's football program has touched so many people across the country, including 5-year-old Bennett Williams from Ohio. Even he wants to save the Blazers' football team.

He sent his allowance, totaling $1, to the athletic department.

Bennett Williams is a huge Ohio State fan. But a few years ago he was watching football and he saw the Blazers logo showing the dragon. Like a typical boy, Bennett loved the dragon and was immediately hooked.

He's been a UAB fan ever since.

When Bennett and his family heard President Ray Watts shut down the UAB football team, they were devastated. Bennett asked if he could donate his allowance of $1 to help save the team.

Bennett wrote a letter and his dad posted a picture of it on Twitter.

It reads: 

"Dear UAB, my name is Bennett. I love Ohio State. But I think you should have football too. Here is one dollar to help." -Bennett.

Someone at UAB saw the post and told them where to send the letter and the $1. In return, UAB sent Bennett a thank you card and lots of UAB gear.

Bennett's mom Amanda spoke with FOX6 via Skype on Thursday morning. She says during the holidays most kids talk about what presents they're going to get from Santa and she's so proud of her son for giving everything he has to someone else.

"We saw the video in the locker room of the team when they heard the news. It's just heartbreaking as a parent and football fan and to see Bennett reach out and do what he can, you know the innocence of a child really comes through and he really does believe that he's going to get to see them play a game," she said.

Amanda says the interim athletic director plans to frame the note and one dollar.

It will hang in the athletic building.

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