UAB supporters hold rally for football program

UAB supporters hold rally for football program
Source: Megan Hayes/ WBRC
Source: Megan Hayes/ WBRC
Source: Megan Hayes/ WBRC
Source: Megan Hayes/ WBRC

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - The UAB campus was loud and proud Sunday night.

Students organized a rally on social media and within four hours, football fans were heading to the green.

"UAB,UAB,UAB," they chanted.

Students, alumni, and athletes gathered on the green to show the board of trustees how much the football program means to them.

"This is my family. Everybody here is my family. You go to UAB, we are a part of it," said long snapper Dallas Noriega.

Offensive guard Dominic Sylvester said, "It brings people from out of the state, out of the region. I'm from New York and I wouldn't be in Alabama if it weren't for UAB football."

Students don't seem to understand why the football program might be taken away, right in the middle of a high point.

"We had a great season compared to our season last year I mean 6-6 is better than we have done in 10 years and we are bowl eligible which is great so honestly I don't see a reason why they would take it away this year," Baines Deal said.

If UAB football disappears, students and athletes fear the worst for the campus.

"It'll tear it down," Sylvester said.

"I think it'll kill the undergraduate side of the campus." Added UAB graduate Nick Toth.

Noriega said, "We are our own team, free us, they have their own thing in Tuscaloosa, we will have our things in Birmingham."

FOX6 was told UAB President Dr. Ray Watts is on family vacation this weekend but we should expect an announcement of some sort this week.

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