Consumer Reports releases 2014 Naughty & Nice company list

Consumer Reports releases 2014 Naughty & Nice company list

Just in time for the holidays, Consumer Reports is out with its Naughty and Nice List, an annual look at company policies that are pro consumer, and some that are not. Before you buy a plane ticket, book a hotel, or splurge on holiday treats, find out if the stores and services you use are on the list.

For its efforts to help smokers kick the habit, CVS Pharmacy lands on Consumer Reports' nice list. More than 7,000 CVS pharmacies stopped selling tobacco and cigarettes and the company also launched a program to help people quit smoking.

Tod Marks compiles the Naughty and Nice List based on input from Consumer Reports' experts.

“We're not rating companies. The Naughty and Nice List is a look at company policies and practices to see how consumer-friendly they are," Marks said.

From JetBlue, a nice gesture for holiday travelers: If you notice a fare drop within two weeks of booking a flight, you can call the airline and receive a JetBlue credit for the difference in price.

Spirit Airlines is not so kind. It lands on the naughty list for hiking baggage fees by two dollars per bag.

“They call it a temporary fee, but it's just in time for holiday travel," Marks said.

Among retailers, Zales jewelry chain is called naughty. In a

study, Zales charges the highest interest rate, 28.99 percent.

If you're in the market for a big-screen TV,

is naughty for not accepting returns on sets 37 inches and larger. The company's advice: “refuse the delivery” if you spot a problem.

And Sam's Club turns up on the nice list this year. If you're planning a holiday meal, the warehouse store will refund double the money for members who don't love the fresh meat, produce, or baked goods they bought.

If your holiday plans include buying tickets to an event, here's another company policy that makes Consumer Reports' Nice List —StubHub for being transparent about costs. The ticket reseller promises that the price you see for a ticket is the price you'll pay at checkout, no surprises.