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Former UAB football player starts petition to support program

The Blazers take the field. (Source: WBRC file video) The Blazers take the field. (Source: WBRC file video)
BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Former UAB football player Lee Miller created a petition to show support for the Blazers as some fear the University of Alabama Board of Trustees could eliminate the program.

"As UAB fans we feel like our back are against the wall. Our program, there's a shadow of doubt over it now and we fell like we have to pull out whatever stops we have to pull out to get people to rally and support our cause,” said Miller.

Within the past week former football player Justin Craft sent an open letter to the university's president on behalf of a group of former players. The letter expressed concern over a study that could possibly impact the program.

The study is said to look at cost benefits on everything related to UAB from nursing to the athletic department.
But people like Craft fear it could be used to rid the football program due to lack of revenue it brings in.

"It wouldn't make common sense and it wouldn't make economic sense. Frankly, there are many studies out there that show football is the driving force to undergraduate growth,” said Craft.

Once Craft heard about the petition he was quick to sign it.

"I certainly do think as the petition gets out there people hear about it I think people are anxious to support UAB and believe that it's a good investment in Birmingham,” said Craft.

"I don't think that by itself it's going to be the determining factor but I would hope that the administrative people will look at a petition and say look, there's a lot of support,” said Miller.
UAB released a statement last week in response to the growing concern over the study and the future of the program.
In part it read, “Like all areas across our campus, the Athletic Department is working on a strategic plan to maximize our resources and drive excellence.  This process is critical to ensuring the best days of UAB Athletics are yet to come for our students, alumni, fans and community”.
Fox 6 tried to reach out the athletic department for a comment however, our calls were not returned.

A local businessman has also founded the UAB Football Foundation to support the program financially.

Visit if you would like to sign the program. According to the page, there is also a paper petition located at Snoozy's Bookstore on campus. Those signatures have not yet been counted.

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