Game of the Week: Ramsay wins 40-6 over Woodlawn

Game of the Week: Ramsay wins 40-6 over Woodlawn
Source: WBRC video
Source: WBRC video

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - The Ramsay Rams had only one loss this season when they took on the Woodlawn Colonels with only one win.

It was a tough night for Woodlawn, but they did manage to get a few points on the board with the first score of the game on their first possession.

But Ramsay followed that with a score after an impressive run by Alexander McGhee to the Woodlawn 9-yard line. It was a tied ballgame, but not for long.

"Second quarter the coaches made some adjustments, the players made some adjustments," said Ramsay head coach Reuben Nelson.

The secnd quarter started with another run by McGhee for 20 yards and a touchdown. Ramsay takes the lead 13-6.

Woodlawn tries again. The play starts with a low snap quarterback, Maurice Perry, picks up a few yards, but no score on the drive.

Ramsay quarterback, Baniko Harley, ended the first half with a 30-yard touchdown pass to Joshua Horn. Ramsay leads Woodlawn 28-6 into the third quarter.

Woodlawn's Perry tosses it to Jamichael Brooks, but Ramsay's Eric Tyson forces a fumble. Woodlawn manages to recover it. The Rams pick up one more touchdown to finish off the third quarter 34-6.

Ramsay's Brandon Lewis makes a 20-yard pass to Kobe Belcher for a first down on the play. Ramsay hand offs off to Kettrin Lancaster who runs up the center for a score. The Rams' o-line showed they were relentless in their 40-6 win over Woodlawn.

"Baniko went out and led the team tonight," said Nelson. "He's been leading the team all year. He played a great game."

The wind was painful throughout the game with a number of missed kicks and speeds recorded at 29 mph throughout the Birmingham area. The challenging game helped prepare the Rams for the tough playoff games ahead.

"We came out and fought [tonight]. Our coaches prepared for this one all year," said Harley. "Looks like we are ready to play."

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