Blazers gearing up for North Texas

Blazers gearing up for North Texas

From the UAB Athletics Department:

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – Head coach Bill Clark and selected players met with the media at Monday's press conference as the UAB football team begins preparations for Saturday's Homecoming matchup against North Texas at Legion Field.

The Blazers rallied past WKU in Bowling Green on Saturday to move to 3-2 overall and 1-1 in league play after a 42-39 victory.

Ticket information for Saturday's game, which kicks off at 2:30 p.m. CT, can be found by contacting the UAB Athletics Ticket Office at205-975-8221.

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Head Coach Bill Clark

Opening comments

"It was a great road victory for us, to see how hard our guys fought, came together and never quit even though we had some opportunities to duck our heads. This is what we said conference play is going to be like. There are going to be ups and downs in every game. I am really pleased withthem and the contingent of fans that we had come up there and support our guys. The postgame with them in our locker room was really special. We are right back into conference play this week with another great opponent. That is just what we have to do. We can't let our highs get too high and our lows get too low. We need another really good week of practice to prepare for another quality opponent."

On how special the win at Western Kentucky was

"To come back from a loss, to go on the road and to play a team that had a big win against a really good opponent, to put all of thosecomponents together was really special. It will be one that we will be able to point to for a while. It was really special."

On being down at half and fighting back in the second half

"With offenses being what they are, you have got to play through the highs and lows. We said we were going to be positive and encourage each other no matter what happens. We really had to do that, coaches and players. But if you watched our sideline and saw how we came out after halftime, it's amazing what our demeanor looked like. There were no heads down. That is easy to say, but to see them actually do it was good."

On Saturday's game being the last at home for a while

"It's home. We want it to be a big deal. We are understanding what the road should look like; it's total focus and that we have to be the better team. They are starting to embrace that mentality and now we can keep that home field advantage."

On North Texas' QB Dajon Williams

"It is hard to score 70 points against air. He is that talented. He is a tailback running the ball with a cannon for an arm. They have designed the whole offense to fit him. They are good. They have been great defensively. They were great last year and in the kicking game. Now you add a guy who can take it the distance running it. They spread it around too. It's not just runs either; they spread it around off of runs. It is deep balls and it is multiple formations. They are really big up front and he's the real deal. Once they made the decision to change (to him), they also changed offenses."

On protecting against turnovers

"It's our emphasis every week. We are stressing it, and defensively we are stressing it all the time. It is huge and here is a teamthat is great at taking the ball away. Maybe even extra emphasis, if that is possible."

On the offensive line's performance thus far in the season

"We started with asking them to be really physical. We are up-tempo, so here are guys that are not getting a lot of rest. Hats off to them. We really challenged them all week and they responded. They have done a good job."

Jr. Quarterback Cody Clements

On the win at WKU

"It is a great feeling knowing that we fought hard for 60 minutes and everyone gave 100 percent effort the whole time. To come away with a win like that, it is a great feeling."

On the North Texas matchup

"We need to take every opponent the same. We know in this conference anybody could beat anybody on any given Saturday. We just need to be the better team that day and prepare through out the week to take advantage of that and get a win."

Jr. Guard Roscoe Byrd

On the win at WKU

"Every victory is great, no matter who the opponent is. It is hard to win games in any conference, so any win is great. Every game there will be adversity and we are prepared no matter what the score is at halftime. It is a conference game so every game is big for us. Being down 13, we showed our resilience and that we are going to fight until the end. So in that aspect, this was a big game for us."

On the team facing any complacency

"It is the same thing every week. It is going to be a tough team we face and it will go down to the wire. There is no complacency. Everyone is going to focus and take it one play at a time and fight as hard as we can this weekend."

Jr. Linebacker Jake Ganus

On the win at WKU

"It feels different, just the fact that it was a road conference win. We were down 13 and just to see the fight from the team, it was awesome."

On bouncing back this week against North Texas

"We just can't relax. We need to work harder than we did last week. We are satisfied with the win, but when you get satisfied and you stop working, that's when losses start happening. If we never relax and try to have the best week of practice we've ever had each week, then we'll get the result we want."

On North Texas' quarterback

"He's a very multiple quarterback. He can run and throw it. We are going to have to really stress him and be aware of him on the field. I think if we play a team defense then we should be okay."