New help for breast cancer survivors and families

New help for breast cancer survivors and families

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Thanks to a $10 million gift, breast cancer survivors and their families may get additional help.

The announcement came Wednesday at St. Vincent's Health Systems.

Jefferson County Commissioner Sandra Little Brown took part in a luncheon. The luncheon was about breast cancer and Brown is a breast cancer survivor two years after getting diagnosed.

"I thought it was the end of the world. I hit the floor. My son picked me up and started hugging me and kissing me. I hadn't had all those kisses since he was a little boy." Brown said.

At the luncheon Christopher Nanni with the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham told the gathering the gift will provide services that currently breast cancer survivors and their families are not getting.

"There is not place for them to turn. Really a lack of resources. This is going to provide people a number of different resources. Not only for the persons who is the  survivor but their family members." Nanni said.

Over the next year a feasibility plan will be developed to see how this service should be provided.

"We are looking at the feasibility of how to do this from a cost basis. Would this be a stand along center? Would it be centered at the differenthealth institutions? We are not exactly sure that this point." Nanni said.

Brown believes this will only add to Birmingham's image as a place to fight cancer. "Some leave the state to other states. We got that great care here in Birmingham Alabama." Brown said.

Those healthcare providers supporting the effort are UAB, Trinity Medical Center, Brookwood Medical Center, Princeton Baptist Medical Center and St. Vincent's Health System.

It's hoped this resource could be expanded to other cancer and diseases across the country.

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