Parker wins 19-7 in 36th rivalry match up against Wenonah

Parker wins 19-7 in 36th rivalry match up against Wenonah

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Parker High School traveled to Wenonah tonight for their 36th rivalry match up.

Coming into the game, Parker led the series with 19 wins.

Wenonah with the ball hands it off, but Parker's Jawara Stinson has an incredible tackle--Wenonah with a loss of 8 yards.

Parker with the ball, tosses it to Keshawn Wilder, who gets the Thundering Hurd a 1st down and a huge gain! Next play, Parker's Soloman Muhammad sneaks it up the center for a score. 6-0 the Thundering Herd with the first points on the board.

"Solomon played for Tommy about two weeks ago when he was hurt," said Parker head coach Robinson on the two teammates' chemistry. "Tommy and Solomon have done a good job the whole season for us."

Parker quarterback, Tommy Neely, with another fake then throws a long one to Deiontae Williams for a 20yard touchdown. This time they get the extra point. 13-0 Thundering Herd adds to their lead.

Wenonah special teams flexed their muscles when William Adkins blocked Parker's punt and teammate, Anthony Hudson, grabbe the ball and ran in for a touchdown. 7-13 Parker still up.

Parker's quarterback, Neely, connects with Wilder again for another touchdown 7-19.

"We can't win without the defense," said Neely after the game. "We work hard and show it out on the field."

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