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Patient in CA hospital being tested for Ebola

An unknown person has been admitted to a California hospital and tested for a possible Ebola infection. (Source: MGN) An unknown person has been admitted to a California hospital and tested for a possible Ebola infection. (Source: MGN)

SACRAMENTO, CA (RNN) – A patient in a California hospital is being tested for a possible Ebola infection, according to a hospital official's statement.

The patient was admitted to Kaiser Permanente South Medical Center in Sacramento, CA on Tuesday, and is being kept in an “isolation negative room” as physicians work to eliminate an Ebola infection.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, the current outbreak is being called one of the biggest in history. The death toll is up to 1,229 worldwide, the World Health Organization said.

Hospital officials told CBS13 in Sacramento that tests are being conducted and all samples have been sent to the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta.

Dr. Stephen M. Parodi, infectious disease specialist and Director of Hospital Operations at Kaiser Permanente Northern California, said in a statement that every precaution is being taken to secure the health of the patient and the hospital staff.

“The safety of our members, patients and staff is our highest priority. Our physicians and infectious disease experts are working closely with local and state public health agencies to monitor developments and share information,” Parodi said.

A similar situation happened to a man in New York City on Aug. 4; his test results came back negative. Prior to his case, the CDC issued a statement saying since the epidemic broke out, there have been six patients who've been treated for possible Ebola in the U.S. All six had traveled to the affected regions, and all tested negative.

On Monday, a New Mexico woman was being tested for a possible Ebola infection after she spent time teaching in Sierra Leone. Health officials in Albuquerque says the 30-year-old woman is being kept in isolation at University of New Mexico Hospital, but that it's "unlikely" that she's contracted Ebola. 

Ebola is introduced by sick animals, and transmitted from human-to-human when direct contact is made with "the blood, secretions, organs or other bodily fluids of infected people" of Ebola carriers though the broken skin or mucous membrane of another person.

The fatality rate for Ebola is 90 percent. Symptoms include fever, abdominal pain, rash, red eyes, breathing abnormalities, severe headache, joint and muscle aches, weakness, severe weight loss and internal bleeding, according to the Mayo Clinic.

These symptoms, of course, can be confused with other ailments, and take between 2 to 21 days for symptoms to appear.

The worst cases of Ebola have been in Sierra Leone, and have spread to other West African countries, including Guinea, Liberia and Nigeria.

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