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Football coaches change game plans to beat the heat


FOX6 News meteorologists say there's a heat wave making its way to Central Alabama over the next few days. The heat index is expected to reach the triple digits. The extreme heat has some football coaches changing up their game plans to put player safety first.

"We feel like we're part weatherman. We keep an eye on the rain and the hot temperatures," explained Mountain Brook Football Coach Chris Yeager.

He's concerned about the heat wave on his forecast. Yeager is changing up his strategy on the field for the next couple of days.

"Tomorrow we'll just be in helmets. We start taking equipment off. So that's another thing, the pads and helmets, that all adds heat to body," added Yeager.

"Fortunately we have facilities inside if gets too, too hot and having a sprinkler system on our field to be able to cool our field down, " explained Bessemer City High Coach Thomas Martez.

Wenonah High Coach Ronald Cheatum won't take any chances. He says if a kids starts to feel dizzy, they stop and bring out their "ice tub" to help the player cools down. He says if a player is acting sluggish that could mean he is suffering from heat exhaustion.

Fortunately for his team, this season he will have an extra set of eyes watching for these signs of trouble.

"We're excited now about having a trainer with us every day during practice and they can help us an assist us with those diagnosis," added Cheatum.

Coach Yeager says the key to proper hydration is to drink plenty of fluids hours before the players even hit the field. He encourages his players to walk around with a water bottle at school and drink from it throughout the day.

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